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Pablo Soler & Amb

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By Miriam Fatmi

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Have you ever been so inspired by a skater that you'd love to help him/her do more of what you admire them for? Have you ever been embarrassed when going to bed with someone when taking off your socks because your feet smell like old french taco right after the skating session with the crew? Well, let's fucking go we have a good news for you.

Introducing the UGLY FEET CLUB. A club where you can help your favourite skaters doing more of what they love instead of becoming homeless as skating is a niche for smart people who understood you can skate around the world and connect with the whole community basically for free.
UGLY FEET CLUB is not a brand. It's a philosophy that supports the most inspiring skaters and help everyone hiding their ugly feet.
Wait no more and get socks from your favourite skater to get some coolness attitude back in your town and influence your local skaters.
You can now choose the model you want from Miriam Fatmi, Lin, Pablo & AmbRozi-ass.
Explode in the streets on skates riding your brand new socks, eat with your socks, blast down silly mountains, go do some 100km silly uphill dying under the sun, never stop wearing them as they start to turn into dust, don't wash, buy new ones, innovate with your feet, you are the one who can decide for the future of your ugly feet, feel the everlasting relentless energy these icons carry with the cool socks your ugly feet wear. The sock. The core element of style of every cool rolling.

This project was made possible thanks to the community and its ever lasting energy.
Join the club, embarrass ugliness. All feet are ugly, so are we.
Skate till your feet melt with the socks.